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7 best Smart Baby Gadgets to Make Parenting Easier

Being a parent is a tough job to do! Especially in the first 5 years, but we all are living in an era encircled by gadgets to make life simple and solve daily problems. Though parenting is a full-time job, nowadays there are smart baby gadgets to make parenting easier be it the newborn or toddler, basic always has importance in terms of raising the buddle of joys.

1. High-tech baby swing – Smart Baby Gadgets

This high-tech baby swing has the feature of Bluetooth connectivity and three types of adjustable 5 different swing speeds and soothing music for the baby. And this device comes with an adjustable belt for full security for the baby. It has 5 unique features, according to the necessity, are sea waves, tree swings, rocking to sleep, rides in a car, and kangaroo. It can be controlled by your smart devices. These kinds of smart baby gadgets are produced by companies namely star and daisy baby cuddle, Baybee Sooth N Sway, 4moms rockaRoo, and BABYHOP Electronic. 

2. Smart Baby Monitor – Smart Baby Gadgets

Miku Smart Baby Monitor - Contact-Free Breathing & Sleep Monitor with Night  Vision, Two-Way Talk - Motion, Sound, Humidity & Temperature Detector - App  Integrated & Wi-Fi Enabled, Real-Time Monitoring :

This device keeps an eye on the baby, comes with a in one camera option, and hassle-free connectivity of the baby to the family like a guard, checking the temperature of the room, the humidity of the air, and the behavior of the child. It is a smart device that provides two-way interactions with the baby and parents. These smart baby gadgets include an adapter that can be taken to work and travel still the parents can observe their kids from anywhere.

3. Owlet Smart Sock Plus in Mint

Owlet Dream Sock Plus in Mint | Bed Bath & Beyond

This is a type of smart baby Gadget which can be said a tech monitor is a top-notch device, which tracks the sleep of the child in his first 5 growing years, and parents, can measure the growth and stability in daily routine. Not only tracks sound sleep but also the sleeping patterns, the number of times the child is waking up, and total hours of sound sleep.

4. Smart Baby Thermometer

VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer for Kids &...

These Smart Baby Gadgets are devices that can be used for kids obviously for adults too to check their body temperature. It walks holding tradition with digital smartness. It is clinically trusted baby thermometer for the feverishness of the child. It makes sure the child and parents sleep worry-free. The thermometer alerts the parents if the temperature crosses 38 degree Celsius, also comes with led indication and 24X7 trackers. As known the skin is smooth like a feather and needed to be handled with extra care, so the pad comes coated with a silicon patch, which can be put under Baby’s Armpit.

5. Convertible Car Seat

Buy TRUMOM (USA) Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat for Kids 0 to 7 Years Old  (Upto 25 kgs) … Online at Low Prices in India -

These smart baby gadgets can hold up to 25 kg, which means they can serve infants as well as 5-7 years kids. It comes with protected adjustable seat belts for babies. The soft padded convertible car seat has wings on both sides and is designed to provide comfort to the head, shoulder, and spine along with protection to all three areas. It provides 3 different ways of reclining according to age ensuring a peaceful nap. The chair has the harness for the little one to move in and out, providing a comfortable yet joyful ride to the master of the seat.

6. Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Buy SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby Online at Low Prices in India -

Ensures quiet and sound sleep boast for 1-2+ hours and feeling the nostalgic habituation of the womb with humbly generous rocking. The smart Baby Gadgets automatically respond to the shrill cries of the baby. Also, it listens to the fuzz and responds quickly. Being a parent every time with the baby is too exhausting also managing household chores along with work and living in the age of bingo techs makes life easier and takes the workload also the baby is well managed and maintained with care and extra technical support.

7. Portable bottle warmer

The Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer, Travel Baby Bottle Warmer, Formula,  Water, Cordless and Battery-Powered up to 8-12 Hours (Warmer Set) -

These smart Baby Gadgets are cool and get the work done demolishing every time chaotic for the parent during feeding the child. As traveling or visiting a place and spending time on roads means no way to keep the milk warm, and baby needs to drink warm milk, here this portable bottle warmer plays a vital role in handling the situation, as a parent you can carry the bottle anywhere you are traveling with your bundles of joy and it gives the service of 7-8 hours daily. It is safe and heats in just two-three minutes. Ensures zero tears for your hungry infant, you can carry food in that, baby foods too. A double layer of lining gives it zero effect of burning and the bottles are sterilized and have all safety measures for your child.

8. UV sterilizer:

Buy UV Sanitizer Box and Dryer Device for Disinfection - Ultraviolet LED  Light Universal Sterilizer for Cell Phones, Baby Bottles, Makeup Brushes  and Personal Items Online at Low Prices in India -

When it comes to babies, every parent is extra cautious and its need too, as the immunity remains quite weak, they need extra care, support, and attention while using utensils, be it the bottles, eating bowl, or everything related to the baby, only boiling it with hot water is not enough. These smart baby gadgets do auto drying, prevent bacterial growth have the space for 10 feeding bottles, you can sterilize the toys too as the baby has the tendency to put everything in the mouth. The UV lights can be controlled through panels, easy to touch and control. Manufactured by the company named Legit and Chicco, Firstcry, and The Baby’s Brew. 

These are some of the Smart Baby Gadgets, which assist the parents a helping hand, of course raising a baby is a full-time job but smart gadgets make your life slightly easier to a little bit.

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