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Anabel Gomez Lopez Tamales: The Disturbing Trail of Crimes

In the past years, Anabel Gomez Lopez has been involved in controversy. Before that Anabel Gomez Lopez sold meat tamales outside the station. At the station he used to take a stray girl into her house and murdered that girl. She uses her flesh as the filling for his tomatoes. Later she began to gain success and got a huge appreciation among the dinners. At the dinner, nobody can even imagine what she was preparing for them. When they came to know the truth about Anabel Gomez Lopez, they were shocked and disgusted.

Her clients got to know about her in the newspaper with a red note section. When they read the article they could not believe it. But they were so disgusted and unhappy with the heinous act of Anabel Gomez Lopez. Until 2017, Indios Verdes tamera was unable to cure her cruel crimes. The Attorney General office of CDMX officials apprehended Anabel Lopez Gomez. Now, in this article let’s discuss Anabel Gomez Lopez la tamelera.

Education and Early Life of Anabel Gomez Lopez

  • – She was born in Villanueva de San Juan, Seville, Spain. She has been living in Dos Hermanas since the age of 11. She got married and has 2 kids in which the elder one is 24 years old and the younger one is 20 years old. Anabel Gomez Lopez was also the president of the Local Board of AECC and before that she was the president of the David Rivas Social Center. From childhood she was always interested in social, neighbourhood and school activities.
  • – The third Gala of Hope was happening at La Andrada Hacienda and they were providing a lunch buffet for 35 euros for adults and 25 euros for children. Basically the event was a tribute to those who have been helping patients to make their lives better. Dr. Eduardo Ros Herranz leads the Hematology service at Valme Hospital and later he was honoured where Francisco Javier Fernandez Mejas will represent the donors.
  • – Anabel Gomez Lopez tamales returned to Belgium in 2003 after she received her diploma in the US. She was pursuing her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Liege. She then went to the theatre and appeared on stages in Brussels, Rome, Vienna and Lisbon. She revisits classic pieces including the Dom Juan of Moliere and the less classic one was Simon Stephens Pornographie. It was all about the ultra Surveillance government and the limitations on human privacy.

Roles that were done by Anabel Gomez Lopez

  • – She was casted in numerous plays and got in supporting roles for a number of years also. It was directed by Pascal Chaumeil, Michel Boujenah and Hugo Gelin. Anabel Gomez Lopez tamales also appeared in the TV shows Trap, Baron Noir and Sophie Cross. She starred alongside Sara Giraudeau, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Nicolas Maury in the film Pascal Bonitzer and Les Envoutes in 2019.
  • – Not only this, Anabel Gomez Lopez tamales was also a lawyer in the investigation into a state scandal and ex wife of Eric Judor in the Disney+ comedy weekend family. It was a part of a long line of healers in Filles du feu. In 2023, the premiere was on France 2. In this show Jeannette and her character are decent mothers where she finds herself in a nightmare in a period of the 17th century. 
  • – The historical narrative was set in a dark period of history and Lizzie Brochere and Zoe Adjani were seen fighting in the episodes. That was the period that provided an opportunity for the actress to gain exposure to a larger audience around the world. It was one of the most important positions of her career.

Anabel Gomez Lopez upcoming projects and collaborations

She is now appearing in the credits of the musical comedy starring Emilia Perez and Jacques Audiard. She also appeared in the black comedy of Haitian culture, kidnapping Inc. We are not alone in the world which is based on a script by Bruno Tracq and Selma Alaoui.

Anabel Lopez Gomez career trajectory

She was a member of the Nueva Trova movement. Anabel Gomez Lopez is along with Xiomara Laugart, Santiago Feli and Alberto Tosca. She has appeared in many shows including radio and television programs. She also participated in several events and competitions in Cuba and Poland. She performed in Sweden, Finland and Argentina. Anabel Gomez Lopez ‘ photos were featured in Cuban songs from the Vieja and Nueva Trova.

What suddenly happened with Anabel Gomez Lopez?

Anabel Gomez Lopez tamales was apprehended with her heinous crimes. She was charged with homicide and several deaths. Now, she is sentenced to 25 years in prison and her narrative became a horrific urban legend that left an everlasting stamp on Mexican collective memory. 

How did the investigators find out the truth about Indios Verdes Tamalera’s secret?

  • – Anabel Gomez Lopez committed crimes for a number of years and she continued to do that until her terrible act was revealed in 2017. One day there was a gas leak in her apartment and this prompted police to investigate.
  • – When police entered her house, they found rotting meat and a sickening scent of gas. When police investigated Anabel Gomez Lopez, she was unable to deny her crimes and admitted to killing around 50 women. She confessed that she used their bodies in the making of the tamales that she sold. After her statement, she was arrested by the Mexico city attorney general’s office.

Human Tamale Maker of Mexico city

  • The smell of these tamales filled the air in the Mexican streets and it drew hungry people passing by. There was a famous person who made tamales selling her delicious food outside the metro station. But nobody knows the real truth hidden beneath these tamales.
  • When investigators came into a terrible sight when they made their way through the shadowy rooms. As the bones of a woman were stripped of all flesh that layed in the living room. The tamales were famous for their soft texture and the customers of Anabel were unaware the secret ingredient was a woman’s flesh.

Anabel Gomez Lopez tamales committed a cruel crime of selling human flesh on Mexican streets and she confessed her crimes of killing so many people. She admitted how she lured them into her house and then murder them. She also told police that at first the victim was difficult to understand, then she became trained. It was so hard to remove all the meat from the bones. After this the lawyer of Anabel Gomez Lopez argued that she is mentally sick and the judge sentenced her with 25 years of prison.

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