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How to block a TikTok user?

The largest forum for self-expression is TikTok, the viral social media app known for its lip-syncing videos, dancing challenges, and exceptional originality. Of course, people of all kinds are on the platform because of its large community.

But hold on, what occurs if you come across someone unwanted on this platform? Of course, ignoring them and keeping your privacy safe would be your priority.

You should know the typical TikTok blocker techniques to protect yourself from mental strain and prevent it from impairing your creativity. You can easily block a TikTok user without any repercussions. 

Eliminating negativity from your life and profile is crucial in leveraging social media as a creative platform.

Let’s get into the specifics of blocking someone on TikTok so that you and your followers can feel comfortable and have a positive place on your account.

How do you block users on TikTok using a mobile device?

On TikTok, blocking someone can be done for a variety of reasons. You may dislike the material they produce and prefer not to see it again, or it may be the other way around. You don’t want some individuals to view your content, leave comments on it, or engage with you in any way.

Luckily, blocking a user on TikTok is quite simple. Follow the instructions below to block a TikTok user and enjoy a happy time on the app.

Step 1: First, launch the TikTok app.

Open the TikTok app on your phone and sign in. The instructions are the same whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device.

Step 2: Look for the Profile

Navigate to the user’s profile that you wish to block. There are several ways to locate profiles:

  • 1. The Page for You: To access their profile, click their username if their video appears on your “For You” tab.
  • Use the search bar to locate their profile if you know their username.
  • 2. Notifications: You can view the profile of someone you’ve blocked by going to your notifications if they recently liked or commented on any of your material.
Look for the Profile

Step 3: Go to the Options in Your Profile

Go to the Options in Your Profile

Look for the “Share” arrow in the upper right corner of the screen once you’ve navigated to the user’s profile. The Share menu indicates some dots that would help you block a TikTok user irrespective of date and time. 

Step 4: Press Block

Press Block

From the choice that appears, select Block. You’ll receive a confirmation message asking if you’re ready to continue.

Step 5: Verify the Block

Verify the Block

Confirm the block by selecting Confirm on the confirmation screen to complete the procedure. TikTok will stop that account from communicating with you when you complete this. Some users have noticed that the three dots have been replaced by an arrow share button recently.

To access the Share option, click the arrow and adhere to the previously described methods.

How to Use a Desktop to Block Someone on TikTok?

This is how to block a TikTok user on a PC quickly. Take the actions listed below.

Step 1: Visit TikTok 

Visit TikTok 

Log in using a desktop account on TikTok.

Step 2: Look up the profile

Look up the profile. 

Navigate to the individual you wish to block’s profile. The ‘For You’ page, the Search Bar, or Notifications can be used to search the profile.

Step 3: Go to the profile 

Go to the profile 

You are now on the user profile; click the three dots.

Step 4: Select Block 

Select Block 

Next, select the option to block.

Step 5: Verify the Block 

Verify the Block 

You’re done once you confirm the message and decide to block it!

What Occurs on TikTok When You Block Someone?

After learning everything there is to know about blocking an account on TikTok, let’s explore what exactly it means to block an account there.

There are numerous things that someone cannot do once their account has been blocked. Let’s examine what it means to block someone on TikTok:

  • 1. No More Remarks: You won’t be able to get comments from the banned person on your videos. You will be able to move past such unwelcome or critical remarks.
  • 2. No More Duets or Reactions: Your videos from the blocked account will no longer be the subject of duets or reactions. This implies that they won’t be able to respond to your material or make videos in addition to yours.
  • 3. No More Profile Views: The blocked person cannot access your profile, TikTok Live videos, or other videos. It will seem as though you have vanished from their TikTok universe.

Blocking someone on TikTok is about taking charge of your online space and ensuring your time is safe and pleasurable, not cutting yourself off from the outside world. It’s a useful tool that enables you to create the content you want to see and engage with other users who support you on TikTok.

Remember that TikTok is about having fun, being creative, and showcasing your individuality to the world. Thus, barring accounts is a helpful option that helps you utilize TikTok on your terms, whether you’re being picky about your For You Page, safeguarding your privacy, or just controlling who may interact with your material.

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