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If you are interested in writing for us, you can submit guest posts (write for us) to our site, and we will be happy to publish them. A guest post can be promoted to the world through article submission, as you know. In addition to this, your article will get more quality backlinks for your money site that will increase the probability of your site ranking on top of the search engines. To meet that need, Newzproz.com launched “Write for Us” for all Guest Bloggers, Guest Post Contributors, and content writers.

Guest Posting Guidelines (Informative Guest Post Submission):

If you’d like to contribute or publish an article here, please keep the following guidelines in your mind:

1. All Articles must be at least 1000 words. We featured 1500+ word articles. 

2. Copy content or plagiarized content is rejected. We will check it over, so don’t spoil your valuable time on Cut-Copy-Pasting.

3. The content must contain relevant images (at least one)or featured images.

4. The Image Size is 770px height and 500px width, that means (770 by 500 px).

Or if you have any queries and suggestion you can send a mail to us on the mail id newzproz@gmail.com


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Send us an article pitch to newzproz@gmail.com

Please note we reserve the right to edit or decline any article idea or post you email us. Backlinks will be given for your site.


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FAQs Related To Guest Blogging On Tech Site

What Is A Guest Post?

Blogs and websites often publish guest posts written by writers who aren’t regular contributors. It is an article that is written by an external author on a technology-related topic for a technology blog.

Why Should I Write A Guest Post For A Technology Blog?

The benefits of writing guest posts include promoting your expertise, reaching a new audience, and creating backlinks to your own website. Your thought leadership will be established this way.

How Can I Submit A Guest Post To A Technology Blog?

It is usually best to look for the blog’s guidelines or a “Write for Us” page before applying. You can submit a guest post using the instructions on this page. In addition to content guidelines, formatting instructions, and submission procedures, it may include information on how to proceed.

What Topics Are Suitable For A Guest Post On A Technology Blog?

Specific blogs will require different topics depending on their focus. The most common topics covered in technology blogs are artificial intelligence, software development, cybersecurity, tech reviews, emerging technologies, and industry trends.

What Are The Guidelines For Writing A Guest Post?

There can be a variety of guidelines for all blogs, but many of them include word counts, tone, formatting, and other editorial requirements. If you want to increase your chances of being accepted, you should follow these guidelines.

Should I Include Links In My Guest Post?

Within the body of the content of most blogs, links that are relevant, but not promotional, can be placed. It could be a link to your own content or to an article from another reputable source. It is always a good idea to check the blog’s link policy before linking to it.

Should I Include Images Or Multimedia In My Guest Post?

Adding relevant images, graphs, or multimedia to your blog post can help it stand out. If you want to use images on the blog, you should follow its guidelines for attribution and image size.

What Is The Typical Review Process For A Guest Post?

Guest posts are usually reviewed by an editorial team after they are submitted. Editorial feedback, revisions, and corrections may be necessary. To ensure that the post complies with the blog’s standards, be prepared to work collaboratively.

Is There A Guarantee That My Guest Post Will Be Published?

The publication of your guest post is not guaranteed. Depending on the quality, relevance, and guidelines of guest submissions, blogs reserve the right to reject or alter them.

Can I Republish My Guest Post On My Own Blog Or Elsewhere?

Your blog’s policy and the agreement you have with it will determine what you can and cannot do. Depending on the blog, some guest posts can be republished after a certain time period, while others require exclusivity.

Do I Get Paid For Writing A Guest Post?

The majority of guest posting opportunities are unpaid. Sharing your knowledge and exposure in exchange for backlinks and exposure are two benefits you receive when you contribute content.

How Can I Promote My Guest Post After It’s Published?

To maximize its reach and impact, you should promote your guest post on social media and on your website after it’s published.